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Your Financial Team

<br /><br />No individual can win a game by himself - Pele

No individual can win a game by himself - Pele

As members of our clients' financial teams, we strive to identify their dreams and goals, and then partner with them to understand the financial implications of the life decisions they make. We are committed to serving our clients as unique partners, requiring individual solutions and well thought out strategies. Above all else, we value the open and honest relationships and trust that we build. We do all this in the spirit of family values, life enjoyment and good fellowship.

Ideally, all members of your financial team should work together for your benefit.  Need a CPA?  Have you been meaning to update your wills and trusts but are not sure who to call?  We have formed strategic alliances with a number of related professionals and are happy to make introductions.  

You are under no obligation to use the services of any of the strategic partners and may choose any qualified professional to provide tax, legal and any professional service.  All strategic partners and their services are not affiliated with LPL Financial and Family Business Wealth.

Need a Referral to a specialist like a CPA, Attorney, Realtor, Private Jet etc? Leave a message below about what you need and we'll reach out!  Think of us as your Financial Concierge!

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