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The Educated Heir

The roads that we travel with our families twist and turn constantly.  Part of the fascination of the journey that we are on with others is its unpredictability which often leads to shifts in family finances and structure.

The fact is that there is much that we can conrol.  Planning before things become urgent provides us with an advantage.  This holds true within our immediate families and across generations.  We need to understand what is going on in each others' lives, particularly if we may need to step in for them at some point in the future.  Does your family. have all the information needed to step in for you if the unexpected happens? Do you know what you need to know about your family's business?  We must improve our conversations as well as the organization of critical information.  

The Educated Heir is designed for presentation  to professionals, church and civic groups, gatherings of friends and families, and by appointment.  Contact Beth Morgan at or 770-926-9916 for more information.

Are you a member of a group who needs speakers for meetings?  In addition to what is mentioned below, please let us know if there are topics that are of interest to your group.

Need a speaker?

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