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Get MOrganized!

Financial Organization

In order to efficiently manage our lives with our families, we must thoughtfully put order to any financial clutter in our homes.

You need to get Morganized!

We all have many moving parts in our lives:

Our families with their needs (spouses, children, parents, brothers, sisters, aunts, uncles, grandparents, time together, playing, negotiating, homework, sports, dance lessons, volunteer work, taxes, talking about money, planning,),

Our homes (laundry, groceries, cleaning, pets, bills, needing new appliances, keeping our cars maintained)

Our work (clients, travel, paperwork, meetings, bosses, managing a business, keeping employees happy, managing those who are unproductive),

Our friends (social time, helping out, phone time, Facebook, email),

Our health (exercise, annual checkups, follow up visits, waiting to see the doctor, scheduling appointments, dealing with insurance issues), and many other things!

Our lives are full. And life seems to be getting more complicated rather than simpler. Many of us try to do it all, but attempting to do so may reduce the quality of our lives.

Morganization is the process of simplifying the financial aspects of your life.

Getting Morganized means that you know where your money is, all of your money, even money left in retirement plans of employers long since left.

Getting Morganized means that your beneficiary designations are current, especially in the event of a divorce or other significant changes in your family structure.

Getting Morganized means that, with a few keystrokes, you have an up-to-date sense of your net worth without having to search for multiple logins or spending valuable time on the phone.

Getting Morganized means that you have eliminated, or have an active plan to get rid of, your debt.

Getting Morganized means that your family is protected in the event that you are no longer able to take care of them…that you know how your bills will be paid if you are temporarily or permanently disabled…that you know you will not be a burden to your grown children if you need extended medical care.

Being Morganizede provides you with more time for your family, more clarity with regard to your financial picture and ultimately, more life!

You need to get Morganized!

I need to get Morganized!

Thank you! Oops!