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When goals are realized later

When goals are realized later

| March 17, 2023

It doesn't take long to find stories about a 19 year old who made so much money that he/she was able to retire, or of a 15 year old who graduated from college and has been accepted into medical school. Being ahead of the curve in our accomplishments tends to make our news feeds.

Stereotypically, people accomplish most things in the usual time tables. Married at 26, 2.4 children at 30, home ownership, work for 40 years and retire. 

Sometimes, though, success happens later in life. Sometimes, the milestones that we envision for ourselves take longer.

Resist the temptation to compare yourself to other people. Keep going!

Think Colonel Sanders. Born in 1890, he ran a service station in Kentucky where he would serve food to people passing through. Eventually, he moved his operation to a restaurant across the street where he featured his increasingly popular fried chicken. At the age of 62, he began franchising his fried chicken business and in 1964, sold more than 600 franchise outlets for $2 million to a group of investors. He was 74 years old.

If the life that you envision is taking the longer, scenic route, it is important that you refocus on where you are headed and what you want to accomplish.

Write your goals down, improve your health, maintain a positive mindset and keep the faith. Most importantly, enjoy the ride. If you persist in accomplishing your dreams with passion and enthusiasm, you will likely get there and at the very least, you will know deep in your heart that you made an epic strides. 

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