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We did before I do

We did before I do

| March 07, 2023

Before the honeymoon

before the wedding photos in front of the Eiffel Tower

before the reception

before the walk down the aisle

before saying yes to the dress

before the showers & parties

before the epic proposal & engagement ring,

talk about money.

Assets, liabilities, spending, investing, expectations.

Talk about your goals - as individuals & as a couple.

Talk about how decisions will be made especially when you have different ideas about where your money should go.

This is one of the most important conversations you will have together. It sets the tone for your lives together.

This is a big part of the foundation of your marriage.

Money will be part of the epic proposal and engagement ring.

It will be part of the showers & parties.

It’ll be with you when you say yes to the dress,

there with you when you walk down the isle,

it’s part of the photo shoot, it’s with you at the reception, on your honeymoon, as you raise a family and go through your lives together.

Every. Single. Day.

Money is a part of the family.

This is family business.

Say ‘we did’ talk about money so you can both say ‘I do’ with confidence.

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