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The Educated Heir - What's next?  Be ready!

The Educated Heir - What's next? Be ready!

| June 21, 2020

Even if we know exactly what we want in life, we just don't know what's around the corner.  There are literally endless variations of possible outcomes within a day not to mention in a lifetime even with very specific goals.  That said, creating that vision of the perfect future helps us to align our thoughts and actions around these goals and increases our chances of arriving.

Let's say that you wanted to live in Italy for a year starting one year from now.  What would that look like?  Where would you live?  One place that would be a base that you would return to between travels? Or would you want to live in 4 different regions for 3 months at a time?  Do you know the language?  How will you travel?  What do you want to do?  Learn to cook?  Write a book?  Become proficient in Italian wine?  Paint? Can you do your work there?  Will you even need to work or is work optional?  What about the details of your life at home?  

Once you know exactly what you want, look at the numbers.  How much will this cost?  Will this be funded from your earned income?  Retirement savings?  Have you been putting money aside in an Italy fund?  Did you have a windfall? Can you afford this now?  Maybe three years from now is more realistic?

Living in Italy for a year is very specific and provides a framework  which allows focused efforts.

If we don't have specific goals, we tend to move from one day to the next without a true destination in sight except, maybe, the weekend.  While we may feel as if we are making progress - and we may be checking things off of our list of responsibilities - are we/are YOU really writing an epic story with your  life filled with adventure and new opportunities?  If this rings true,  get started now!  Looking to sell your business? Understanding the process and timetables involved are critical for a positive outcome.  Thinking about retirement?  Let's look at cash flow.  Want to run a marathon?   Where does your health and fitness need to be to accomplish this? The clock keeps ticking and there is no promise of tomorrow.  Get really clear on what you want in life and map it out.  Talk with your financial team about your plans.  What's next for you?  Be ready!  #yourlife #youradventures #financialreadiness #familybusinessisateamsport #whatsnextforyou #mapitout #beready