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The Educated Heir - Here's to your Wellth!

The Educated Heir - Here's to your Wellth!

| April 16, 2020

wellth - welTH - noun - an abundance of physical, material and mindset prosperity

Wellth is where our health (mind/body), wealth (financial resources) and our ability to be grateful for what we do have meet.

We can have health without wealth and wealth without health.  We can have both of these but not appreciate what we have.

We are more likely to function at full capacity if all three are actively present in our lives simultaneously.  That said, this is not always our current reality.

What if you have one but not the other two, or two, but not the third?  You may be fighting to regain your health but have money in the bank and be grateful for all that you have.  You may have had to close your business and lay off workers, drained of financial resources, but are healthy, creative and positive.  

We are all experiencing this period of time differently.  Common to many, to one degree or another, may be fear, anxiety, panic, loss of a feeling of control, not taking care of ourselves and the belief that what we are going through now will always be this way.  As a financial professional, not a psychologist, this is anectodal to me.   

As long as we have the ability to think and create solutions, to connect with others and to have our basic needs met, regardless of where we are at this moment in this unprecedented time, we have wellth because we have the ability to grow, the capability of creating something new in our lives and in the lives of others.

Being grateful does not lessen the challenges that we face.  Being grateful won't instantly provide a job that was lost or magically restore health.  It won't turn the stock market around or make the times that we are living in any less uncertain.  It will, though, put you in control of how you perceive your situation and when you feel in control, you have the ability to face whatever may come your way and ultimately thrive.

So, today, celebrate what you have.  Practice gratitude for your many gifts and what you have accomplished.  When we are grateful, it is much easier to look toward the future with anticipation because we have the ability to create the world that we live in and improve what needs to be fixed. Make lemonade from the lemons in front of you.  Create a plan for your life and get moving.  And in these days of staying in place, remember that you are not alone and ask for help when you need it.

Here's to your wellth!