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For the Win!

For the Win!

| March 08, 2023

For women to win with money, these things are important:

• Stay (or become) educataed and current on money and the economy

• Know your numbers - what you own, what you owe & the amount of money that you’re likely to need to live the lifestyle to which you have become accustomed (or better)

• Invest in yourself - your skills, your health & wellness, your career & your hobbies

• Protect yourself & your family - obtain & maintain the legal documents & insurance coverage that you need for peace of mind

• Stay involved - with your family, with your friends, in the community

• Ask for help - in learning what you need to know & completing important financial tasks

• Celebrate your successes, the milestones along the way & the important people in your life!

• Practice gratitude daily, laugh often and remember to enjoy this one & only beautiful life that you are living!

• Stand up for yourself & what you know is right for you

• Control what you can & diligently move toward the accomplishment of all that is important to you. There are lots of things in life that we can’t control but so many important things that we can.

Happy International Women’s Day!

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