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The Educated Heir - Fishing Pier

The Educated Heir - Fishing Pier

| July 10, 2019

Walking on a fishing pier in the ocean provides a birds-eye view of the sea and the sky. On a calm, sunny day, it is possible to see for miles.  Down below, though, the perspective from the beach is much different.  Instead of an endless horizon, what becomes obvious is the complexity of the structure's strength.  The crossed lumber attached to pilings dug deep into the wet sand provide support for the people walking above.  Engineers had to consider the endless tides, wind, waves, storms, salt water, erosion and other factors in creating their design.  Ultimately, the pier was built to withstand the forces of nature.

A financial plan is similar to a pier.  When well constructed, the families who have invested their time and resources to build a solid plan can see into the future.  They can fish, watch the birds dip into the water, plan for the years ahead enjoying the fruits of their labor.  The structure is solid.  While it must be maintained, this is the family's job to oversee, not to choose the lumber and drive the piles.  This is what their professional team does for them.   

So, catch the sunrise.  Swim in the ocean. Grab a surf board.  Build a sandcastle.  Enjoy your life knowing that this is possible because you have worked hard, made sacrifices and have surrounded yourself with a financial team who has built a solid structure for you and your family.