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Family Money

| January 04, 2019

Family...for better or worse, the relationships that we have with our spouses, parents, siblings, children and others close to us have great impact on our lives, sometimes in ways that we may not be consciously aware, like our relationship with money.

Do you remember when life was simple?  When the biggest decision you had to make was what to wear or what movie to see?

Things eventually became more complex and before you knew it, you were making bigger decisions and not just by yourself anymore.  You may have gone to college, married, had children, job changes...out of a dorm and into a house...on your own and responsible for all aspects of your life.  

Financial decisions, too, increasingly revolved around others.  Their best interest had to be a priority.  Dinner and a movie evolved into diapers, daycare and whether or not you could manage on one salary so that one of you could stay at home with the children.  Big decisions with big impact.

401ks, health insurance student loans, life insurance, vacations...little league, travel ball, ballet.  Private schools or public?  A moderate home or the house of your dreams?  Life became more and more complex.  Your parents were aging and you may have found yourself as a caregiver for two generations.  Much to do, not enough hours in the day and much to manage.

Money...a word that evokes emotion...confidence, fear, generosity, calm, power, greed.  Money may afford us with opportunity and can also help us to provide for our needs and the needs of others.  Money can help buy freedom and money can enslave us.  Money can buy priviledge.  Lack of money may hold us back.  

Ask yourself these questions:

  • When things were simple, did you handle money the way that your parents did? 
  • Do you remember who taught you about money management? 
  • Looking back, were they intentional lessons or non-verbal clues? 
  • Whether on purpose or by osmosis, were the lessons taught those which serve you well now?
  • Do you have enough money for a lifetime? Enough to provide for you and, if managed properly, for future generations? 
  • Do you know where all of your money is?  All of your important documents?  Are they well organized? 
  • Do your beneficiaries/children's custodians know where these documents are in the event that something happens to you unexpectedly
  • Have all of your 'what-ifs' been addressed?
  • Is your family and the money which you have worked so hard to earn and save properly protected?

Life happens quickly and if we have not made provisions for those who are important to us, we (they) may be caught unprepared.

We believe that having a strong team to help you and your family through life, through its ups and down, joys and sorrows, is critical.  Need a second opinion?  Does someone you know need help in creating a plan?

Henry David Thoreau said, "Wealth is the ability to fully experience life." Life is much richer when you know what you have, where it is and have the confidence that all contingencies are planned.

We can help you pull it all together.  From comprehensive planning to consolidated reporting and account aggregation, we help simplify things for you and your family.

We  believe that financial team work with trusted advisors will enable you to see things that may not be obvious.  As your family financial advisors, we will do everything within our power to keep you focused on where you are, where you want to go and the options you have as to how to get there.  We believe that maintaining a disciplined approach to your financial plan is critical in the realization of your goals.  We believe in the solid marriage of family and money.  A simplified union.  A team approach.  A rich life experience.