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Family Business is a Team Sport

Family Business is a Team Sport

| January 04, 2019

While we may be capable of doing our own taxes, drawing up legal documents through an online program or negotiating a real estate contract, should we, really?  In many cases, utilizing the knowledge and resources of seasoned professionals may prevent costly mistakes and ultimately save us money, frustration and heartache.

While inviting professionals into our financial conversations can be essential, we must continue to improve our teamwork as families.  From educating our children about money to making sure that our aging parents are in good shape financially, conversations about money up and down the generational spectrum are critical.  Honest, unemotional, organized and educated discussions about money lead to better decisions and more peaceful, harmonious lives together.  

Kitchen tables are the boardrooms of our homes.  This is where family business takes place.  The heart of our homes.  Whether during meals or after the dishes are cleared away, the kitchen is a good place to bond as a family with conversations revolving around goals, dreams, worries, excitement, wins, losses, strategy, schedules and money.

Let 2019 be the year that we renew our commitment to winning the Financial World Series together as family.  Family business truly is a team sport.  We are stronger, perhaps unstoppable, when each member of our families are heading in the same direction with positive energy and a common goal. #family #conversations #money #team #familybusinessisateamsport