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The Educated Heir - Be the Glue

The Educated Heir - Be the Glue

| August 11, 2020

18,608 days. 50 years + 51 weeks.  This was the time that our friend had to live his life.  On Monday morning, one week shy of his 51st birthday, he didn't wake up.

A slideshow looped memories of their wedding and Chistmases, football games and celebrations, as a husband, dad, son, brother, a man of great faith, coach, friend, fraternity brother, athlete, teammate, philanthropist gone too soon.

Stories were told by his dad of two families who had foundations as solid as the two bridges that crossed the Ohio River.  These two families, made one by the marriage of this man and his beautiful wife, had withstood the storms and floods of life together.

This could have happened 30 years ago due to a condition that had been discovered then but had been successfully managed through the years.  Instead, countless people, surely generations to come, were given the gift of a legacy that will continue to grow in significance because of his efforts as an individual, as a businessman and together with his wife.  It seems that he left no stone un-turned.  

His sons spoke poignantly of their dad, little things that they remembered along the way that turned out to be important life lessons.  These things stick.

He was described as being someone who brought people together around ideas that made a difference.  He was the glue.

Our days are numbered.  No one really knows what today may bring.  This knowledge may instill in each of us a deep sense of urgency if we understand this and want to make a difference in the lives of others.  What are the big rocks in your life?    What must not be left undone?  Be the catalyst for positive momentum furthering the development of people and  important ideas.  Build the bridge that brings people together.  Be the glue.

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